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About My Services

Attorney Katrina J. Eagle  is a Veterans Law Attorney; she has been representing veterans and their families since 1996.  Because Veterans law is a form of federal administrative law, she is able to represent clients nationwide.

VA uses a complex combination of federal statutes, regulations, and internal policies when deciding claims for VA benefits. 

Her office recognizes that VA makes a lot of mistakes.  Ms. Eagle assists veterans by reviewing their denied claims and finding those mistakes.  If you believe that VA has made a mistake in your case, please contact her office for a free case evaluation, to see if she may be able to assist you with your appeal.

Why Choose Katrina J. Eagle, Esq?

She will review the merits of your claim free of charge and provide you with a full and complete assessment.

Her experience and client satisfaction means she knows what she is doing.

She will not stop representing you until you are completely satisfied and she has exhausted all appeal rights.

There is no charge for her assessment.  The fee Ms. Eagle earns is a contingency fee (20%), meaning it is contingent upon the veteran winning an award of retro-active benefits as a result of Ms. Eagle’s zealous advocacy. 

Quite simply, Ms. Eagle does not get paid unless and until (and after) the claimant is awarded service-connected compensation.


    Highlights and Principal Cases

  • Harvey v. Shinseki, 24 Vet. App. 284 (2011)
  • Freeman v. Shineski, 24 Vet. App. 404 (2011)
  • Testified before House Committee on Veterans'  Affairs' Subcommittee on Oversight & Investigations re "Reforming VA's Flawed Fiduciary System" February 9, 2012
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