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"Katrina Eagle is a true Veterans Advocate. I know she is an attorney, and most folks think they are only in the business for money, but first and foremost she is for the Veteran and their dependents seeing that they get what they deserve. She has helped many Veterans in North Carolina to receive the benefits they were denied until she stepped in. There are many that would not be receiving their benefits if she had not fought hard for them. There are not enough words to convey how much we appreciate your support to the County Service Officers that have contacted you for advice and assistance with their veterans claims. You have never let us down. Thank you Katrina for your hard work and dedication to our Nations Veterans and their Dependents. You are a hero for them and to me." Ann Knowles, Director - Sampson County Veterans Service Office

Devoted Veteran Attorney
"If you are fortunate enough to have Katrina accept your case, your battle with the VA has an excellent chance of being won. After several years of submitting document after document from doctors, clinics, support letters from family and friends regarding my husband's AS, we turned to Katrina for help. Along the way we even managed to retrieve 6 pages of documentation from the Mayo Clinic from 1966 which we felt tied my husband's medical issue back to his service in Vietnam. Having been a gunner on a CH37 and a helicopter mechanic, Tom like many others was exposed to Agent Orange. To watch a kind, sweet husband of 45 years become disabled with painful paralysis of his spine, shoulders, ankles not to mention his eyes is heartbreaking at the very least. It was only when Katrina began working on Tom's case that we felt hopeful. Katrina's vast experience with the VA, her knowledge of VA case law combined with her determination and pit bull attitude is a winning combination. Her heart is in the right place and she is a devoted advocate for veterans. After almost a 5 year battle my husband received 100 percent disability and all of the benefits he is entitled to. Katrina Eagle is an angel sent from above to help so many veterans in need of support and assistance with their claims." Debbie

Exceptional Amazing Attorney!!!
"My husband's VA case was filed in 2007(he was an attorney so he started it but became too ill and hired Katrina). Immediately I knew we were in extremely competent and caring hands! Katrina stayed on top of every detail and answered every question. My husband passed away before the decision and I relied on Katrina through every denial and heartbreaking move of the VA. She helped hire a medical expert to get the case on track and between her exceptional work and that of a terrific doctor, they turned the case into a win. She stayed with us over many years fighting every inch of the way. Katrina gave me hope and ultimately the case was won. My only regret is that my husband can't write this review and say THANK YOU KATRINA - YOU ARE AN AMAZING ADVOCATE FOR VETERANS!" Cheri

Vietnam Success Story
"In May 2016, we contacted the VA in our county to ask if my husband's cancer could be connected to Agent Orange. His type of cancer was not on the list of cancers caused by the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam. We contacted Katrina Eagle and she agreed to take our case and help my husband. She kept in touch and walked me through the forms that needed to be filled out. She called several times to let us know how things were moving along. In December 2016, my husband was granted full disability and received a check which included back pay from the day he was diagnosed. Katrina Eagle is the most caring person and is dedicated to working for our veterans. My husband was able to see the results. He passed away in April 2017. He was a loving husband, fantastic father and grandfather and was always proud to be a Vietnam veteran. He loved his country. Thank you Katrina for all your hard work and moving the process along so quickly. God Bless!" Carol

To All My Fellow Veterans
"If you are having problems with VA and getting the run around like I did, now is the time to stop and think about is it you or the VA? In my case I tried to do it myself and kept getting denied!!! Finally I asked a friend how he got his 100 percent, after 8 years of trying myself!!!! He gave me Katrina Eagle's phone number and told me to give her a call. One of the few things I've done right in my life (70 years) was when I called her. You'll probably get an answering machine, but give her your name and phone number and she does get right back to you. I was pleasantly surprised when sh called me back so soon being I was living in Indiana and she was in San Diego California. When she took my case things started happening right away. Kept me informed of what was going on, plus got me back benefits from my previous claims that I made myself and she charged me nothing. Within 2 years of hiring her to represent me was granted 100 percent. Warning, do not talk to VA without telling her or she will correct you like you're in the Service again. No kidding guys, call her if you want your life to change for the better!!!! Plus she is now one of my true friends. On a scale of 1 to 10 she is 10+." Phil

Testimonial for Katrina Eagle, Esq.
"From my first introduction to Katrina Eagle, I was pleased with how responsive she was to my needs, even anticipating my concerns, apprehensions and questions - responding to emails and phone calls even at night and on weekends. Katrina is a highly-trained, incredibly effective attorney not only with her thorough knowledge of the law but also with her organizational skills, mastery of the English language, inter-working of the Veterans Administration, contacts and vast wealth of experience. All of this was topped by being a truly caring individual who's belief in what she is doing comes through comes through in all of her work and interactions. You get the feeling your case is more of a vocation than a job. Ms. Eagle is a solid gold individual whom I am proud to call my attorney, and more importantly my friend. She worked an uphill appeal for me in a bureaucratic government agency toward a successful end result in a very acceptable span of time, which I never thought possible." Robert

Attorney Katrina Eagle
"After twice being denied by the VA appeal process, I was about to give up on my claim for Agent Orange exposure. I decided to try one last time, with the help of VA attorney Katrina Eagle. She knew how to cut through the red tape and secure all the benefits that I deserved, I am convinced her expertise, and relentless pursuit of the facts in my case, are the reasons I finally prevailed. If you want to win, go with Katrina Eagle!" Vic

Special Thanks
"There is hardly a day that doesn't go by that I don't count my blessings in finding you (Katrina Eagle) in successfully litigating my claim for exposure to Agent Orange during my tour in Vietnam. I initially submitted my VA claim for compensation in 2001 for throat cancer (Squamous Cell Carcinoma)... Over the next 20 years, I experienced countless requests for additional medical documentation and written letters from my doctors that supported my VA claim, which I provided to the VA. Over the following years, I received numerous denials from the VA. but although feeling rejected and hopeless, thankfully, I elected to keep my claim opened. Until luckily the day, at one of my weekly Vet to Vet meetings, a fellow veteran suggested I should seek legal counsel. After searching for an attorney that specialized in veteran's compensation claims, I found and contacted Katrina Eagle. First impression of Katrina reviewing my claim, I was impressed with her thorough knowledge on how the VA Board of Veteran's Appeals works, she knew their language, a major plus! With her professional legal guidance, she was able to achieve 100% disability benefit rating on my behalf. When I hear of other veterans that are struggling in trying to process their own personal VA appeal, I automatically don't hesitate to recommend Katrina J. Eagle, a very competent/experienced legal professional who has won numerous cases for her clients she represents. After serving my country honorably, I give thanks to the special people that work on our behalf in successfully acquiring all the medical benefits and disability compensation we are entitled to, Thank You, Katrina." Al

Thank you Katrina

"I first filed my claim through a veterans advocacy organization in 2003. Though most advocacy groups know how to get your claim started, it has been my experience that they do not know all the intricacies of the laws that govern the VA claims process. After four and a half years of frustration I met Katrina, she took over my case and pointed out all the things that were right with my case and all the things that were wrong with the case. In my case, it was not finalized until December of 2014. The VA has publicly stated that the claims process is "non-adversarial" and though it is less adversarial than say a criminal adjudication, it has been my experience that it is NOT non-adversarial. As veterans we have to be our own advocate
, we have to be patient and persistent and not give up. Katrina is a great attorney, very knowledgeable, but she cannot do everything for us. If she advises you that your case needs some form of documentation such as a buddy letter or an impact statement from you family, you have to do everything in your power to get it. Katrina can't help us if we are unwilling to help ourselves. I thank all my fellow veterans for their service and I thank Katrina for standing up for rights for all veterans. Somewhere along this journey I came to realize that Katrina does not do this for the money, She does it for the gratitude she has for the sacrifices we veterans make She is and will be a great advocate for you and I highly recommend her. Thank you Katrina." Gilbert

Outstanding Job
"As a young marine I was taught Marine Corps' Core Values. The Core Values give marines strength and regulate their behavior; they bond the Marine Corps into a total force that can meet any challenge. As a civilian, not until I met Ms. Eagle have I had the pleasure of knowing a person that exemplifies the Marine Corp Core Value. Honor, Courage and Commitment are the foundation of her values. She really cares for America's Veterans. I can't thank her enough, after so many years of struggle with your assistance we won. Thank you, well done (Bravo-Zulu)." Alex

Very Caring, Exceptionally Dedicated Advocate
"Katrina is a very caring, exceptionally dedicated advocate for those of us that have had loved ones die with service related conditions. She walked me through the steps needed from my initial filing to the documentation and backup information necessary to make my claim viable. With her representation, I received my benefits within a year which is very unusual. You will be in very good hands if she chooses to represent you." Carolyn

Good Choice For Help
"After five long, agonizing years and hundreds of hours of effort in battling the VA system by myself regarding medical issues caused by my exposure to Agent Orange, I was fortunate enough to have met another vet who recommended that I contact Ms. Eagle. What a stress relief it was having her take over and fight the VA on my behalf. Within 12 months, I was awarded my service connected disability rating from the VA and I could move on with my life." Tom

VA Disability Appeal
"Katrina Eagle is a no nonsense attorney who knows the ins and outs of the VA system. She knows how to cut through the red tape and get a quick decision. She knows the correct terminology the VA uses that would otherwise leave you chasing your tail. I fought the VA for six years before hiring her. I could have cut that time down to maybe 3 years with her representation." Robert

Highly Recommend Katrina Eagle For Our Veterans and Their Families
"After many years and lots of legal hoops, I received my Widows Benefits from the Veterans Administration. Katrina Eagle is responsible for successfully appealing the VA system and winning my case. Katrina is a true professional and a dedicated advocate for our veterans and their families. She is very compassionate yet she stays focused on the facts, deadlines and documentation needed to be successful. I would highly recommend Katrina Eagle to anyone in need of this type of legal service." Laurie

Number One VA Lawyer in Town

"I have known Katrina since September 16th, 2013. During that period of time, I have found her to be the person who could be able to help me with my VA claim. She was successful in winning my claim for 100% P&T disability. She is someone I can recommend with complete and total confidence." Romeo

Excellent Attorney
"Ms. Eagle took my case on appeal and was able to obtain an increase for me to 100 percent. Ms. Eagle is very knowledgeable in her field and was always prompt in keeping me posted and returning my calls." Paul

Katrina is the Best Veterans Law Attorney for Fighting the VA

"I have just finished a very long fight with the VA for benefits due to a service connected disease. I asked for help from Katrina back in 2009 and hired her after she agreed to take my claim. She fought long and hard finding evidence to support my claim and later my appeal after the VA denied my claim. We both attended my appeal hearing in March 2013 and I just got the decision today. It was because of Katrina Eagle and her knowledge of the law and inner workings of the VA that my claim has finally been granted. Thank you Katrina!!!! If you ever need an attorney that will fight for your rights and benefits with the VA, Katrina J. Eagle is the only attorney I would recommend to anyone." Ed

Highly Recommend Katrina Eagle to Assist Veterans With Their Claims

"I hired Katrina Eagle to assist me in obtaining an earlier effective date for my 100% disability rating. My case was at the BVA when I hired her. I had been fighting with the VA for thirteen years for them to do the right thing. Katrina Eagle was successful in obtaining an earlier effective date for me. I cannot praise Katrina Eagle highly enough. She is extremely helpful, she kept me informed the whole time, she explained everything to me and she was successful. My wife worked in law firms for over 20 years and says that Katrina Eagle is one of the most honest, ethical, trustworthy and dedicated lawyers she has ever had dealings with. I have worked with lawyers in the past for other matters and none of them gave me the confidence or the time that Katrina Eagle gave me. I have recommended Katrina Eagle to everyone in my area that I know is having trouble with their claims at the VA and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needs legal assistance with their VA cases. If your case is winnable she will fight for you until she wins it. If your case is not winnable, she will tell you so and tell you why. I highly recommend Katrina Eagle." Joseph


Great Resource, Very Helpful!!
"I spoke with this lawyer several times over the past 2 years for advice on my VA disability claim. She was prompt to return my calls, and offered her time to help me understand how the VA system works. I was very confused as to the proper procedure of to file my appeal when my case was denied. She reviewed my documents for free and explained to me the reason why I was denied, and what I needed to win with my claim. I did not hire her, because she explained that I did not need an attorney yet, but instead took the time to explain what medical evidence I needed. I thought she was fair to help me for free, when other attorneys I called never returned my call. I have referred several people to her since. I finally got a new decision on my claim- and was granted, based on the information she told me I would need." Steve C.


Veteran Benefit Lawyer

"Katrina was very knowledgeable on Agent Orange and how it effects Veterans. After I was declined by V.A., Katrina went to work and was very tough and fought hard for my 100% disability rating. She kept me informed and told me what to expect from the V.A. I would and have recommend Katrina to many other Veterans." Chuck

Vet's Best Friend
"Ms. Eagle's slogan, "Representing veterans and their families," is very accurate. If you have a legitimate VA claim and Ms. Eagle in your corner, you'll score a knockout! She knows the VA bureaucracy inside and out, from Regional Offices to Washington, D.C. and over the years, has built a remarkable network. I recommend and commend Ms. Eagle." Ramon

Wonderful Law Firm!

"This firm has been so helpful to me and my mother. My father was a Army veteran who died while he was in the VA Hospital as a permanent resident. With very little to no help from our local WDVA to help us with getting benefits for my mother, this firm at NO COST to us has helped us out tremendously. I would recommend them to anyone that needs legal assistance. They are the BEST!!!" Tom

Best Veterans Lawyer Around
"I hired Katrina J. Eagle for an increase in my disability rating which was previously denied by the VA. I highly recommend her, because she puts the veterans first, and treat the veterans like her own family. With her knowledge and hard work, she was successful in winning my VA claim for 100% disability. She is an asset to the veterans and the San Diego military community." Steven

"Katrina knows her business! I would highly recommend Katrina to anyone. She won my 'Guam Agent Orange' case when nobody else would help. There are many stumbling blocks in the VA maze and without her help I would still be lost." Ralph

“Katrina Eagle was and IS the only true advocate that was able to help with my VA claim. She is no nonsense and worked very hard on my claim. Though hers is a one person office, I never felt alone. The main thing to consider is, stay focused on your claim and have all necessary documents available and are able to forward to her office. Best of luck." Robert

“I served in the USAF and eventually was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I initiated the VA benefits claim process with the help of the local VFW service office. It was my first exposure to the VA system and experienced slow, painstaking efforts to secure benefits to no avail.  Frustrated with the VFW, I sought out assistance from the DAV…same thing.  I recognized their limitations and ultimately received a VA final appeal notice at which point I now needed legal representation. I received a great referral of your services from my cousin's friend who was an ex-client of yours. He very highly recommended your legal services and gave me your phone contact information. I truly believe the award in my favor would not have been possible without your help, persistence, and well informed advice. I am so thankful to have had you represent my appeals case to the VA legal system. Based on my experience with you administering the case, I observed that your: knowledge base of the VA system and laws; professionalism; consistency; positive attitude; and communication skills in presenting details of my case, collectively are significant attributes leading to successful outcomes for your clients. I am very fortunate and pleased to have been one of your clients! Also, I often extend referrals of your services whenever I hear of veterans in need of VA legal representation.” Ken

“Katrina won my claim, and appeal, with the VA for AO exposure. It took years of fighting, but she never gave up and fought the VA with the aggressive spirit all veterans have when fighting the enemy. She is a fighter and extremely smart. She knows the "ins and outs" of the VA system and how to use it to her clients’ advantage. The VA works at the speed of molasses flowing uphill in the middle of winter. But with Katrina's hard work she managed to cut some waiting time and "red tape" for a positive decision. Including myself, I know of 3 of her clients, and she won all 3 claims and appeals. If you are fighting the VA for your medical care and disability due to your military service, please don't try the fight alone. Hire Katrina Eagle, she gets results. All you have to do is look up the VA Board of Appeals decisions for the last several years (there are thousands of decisions) and look at each one for the attorney for the veteran, and if it is Katrina Eagle, she has won that appeal. Her name is on several decisions.” Edward

“I tried to work my own VA disability claim for more than six years. If you are not familiar with the law in accordance with the Veterans Affairs, then you are fighting an uphill battle. The people I talked to would encourage me to continue to send in more evidence over and over again. My file contained over 1900 pieces of paper in it when Katrina Eagle took over my case. Ms. Eagle in very versed in VA law. She took my case all the way to the CAVC, Court of Appeals for Veterans' Claims, and she won. I received 100% service-connection. I have recommended Ms. Eagle to other veterans, and they have also been very satisfied with her services. So, if you are interested in having someone who is interested in helping veterans and getting your claim paid, then she is the person you need to contact.” Douglas

"I am a client of this attorney. I have and would recommend her to others that may need a good attorney. I feel she is very honest, very helpful." Ron

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